Curriculum Vitae/Resumee
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Emil G Grozdanov
location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
github: @GrozdanovEG
gitlab: @GrozdanovEG
Diligent software developer with PHP, JavaScript and Perl experience,pivoting into a tech career. Strong team player, with a continuous drive for learning and development.
  • Interested to join a team /company, and to build in action my professional software development skills of course by also contributing to the company’s/team's performance and results.
  • Sufficiently familiar with some languages and technologies like XHTML1.0/1.1 and CSS2, which were the most popular for the frontend part of the web development before the introduction of HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Keeping in shape by developing several own projects very similar to professional ones immediately after graduating the tech academy boot camp I had been attending for the recent 6 months.
  • Interested in expanding my knowledge and capabilities with different programming languages and technologies along with PHP, which I had been studying for the recent 6+ months during a tech boot camp and self preparation program after my graduation.
  • Nowadays mostly interested in topics closer to the backend or even to the infrastructure, with primary focus on backend with PHP, RAILS, Java Server Faces, system programming (mostly in C), server management/maintenance of fundamental services like DNS, Mail, HTTP, SSH etc.
  • 24 weeks backend (with PHP) full course from A to Z of the backend web development. The course covered topics like PHP basics (data types, variables, control structures), VCS Git, RDBMS (MySQL/MariaDB), FrontEnd basics (HTML,CSS,JavaScript), OOP (general concepts and PHP specific), Code design, Code quality, Autoload and package management for PHP (composer), WebAPIs, Frameworks for PHP (Slim, Symfony), Continuous integration /continuous delivery etc.
    Sept 2022 - March 2023 (certificate)
Professional Path/Experience
Relevant (Tech/Computer) Skills
Languages (markup/programming):
  • HTML4+, XHTML1.0/1.1
  • CSS2+
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Perl
  • Ruby
  • C
  • Java
Libraries / frameworks:
Operating systems:
Desktop, Sell scripting, System administration, Software development etc.
Using linux as a primary OS since 2004 initially with distributions like Slackware and based on it, nowadays mostly RPM based like Fedora (for everyday use), Rocky Linux and EuroLinux (for enterprise/production purposes).
Soft skills
  • Humbleness
  • Efficient communication
  • Problem solving
  • Creativity
  • Love of Learning
  • English (English) - A2-B1
  • French (Français) - A2
  • Spanish (Español) - A2-B1
  • Bulgarian (български) - native
Additional Information
Areas of interests: Software architecture, Software design/development, Open source movement, System administration, Scientific researches
Ongoing activities:
  • Along with the backend course (and after it) I also watched/attended two small courses related to the frontend part (one by the same academy, and one with a local one) with the idea to improve the vews I can create and to understand better the problems faced by the frontend colleagues, and also found out it is not likely to be my passion in long term prospect.
  • With the end of my training I started workin on two own projects. One of them intended as a community driven with name „Отворени финанси“ (Open Finances) and a commercially oriented one with key name "TT".
  • I am managing and maintaining a VPS (running Debian) to host my website, and also to study and practice configuration, administration, monitoring etc. of fundamental Internet services like DNS, Mail, Web services, SSH and other born on the UNIX platform and essential part of the tech world nowadays.
Working on
  • Отворени финанси (Open Finances)
    A project intended to behave like a community driven one with the purpose to create a place where the users of different financial services can share knowledge and experience about them and find useful advices to protect their own interest being or becoming clients of particular companies in the financial sector.
    type: community driven
  • TT
    A new model of computation of prices, discounts, and cashbacks applicable in the trade/commerce and finance
    type: commercially applicable business model
    visible on: not yet
  • PPQR
    Personal and professional qualities representation application. A platform designed for creating and maintaining documents related to people's personal and professional skils, education, qualification etc. generated in several different formats popular on the labor market
    type: not decided yet
    visible on: not yet
  • Codelab
    A virtual coding laboratory. A project with educational purposes including teamwork training and practice.
    type: not decided yet
    visible on: not yet

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